Rudra Vilas Hotel

The Royal Wedding Experience

 A wedding is the most memorable events in the life of a person which he/she cherishes for the rest of their lives. There is a old saying that "Marriages are made in heaven" but when it comes to wedding we at Rudra Vilas, leave no stone unturned to make the wedding event from you and guests arrival to vidai as memorable as possible. Those having the desire to have unforgettable wedd

Rudra Vilas Hotel

The Royal Destinattion Wedding Experience

Rajasthan is the first choice with it comes to Destination Weddings and Jaipur in particular. The world knows Rajasthan for its rich cultural heritage, the warm hospitality and Beautiful & Exotic places. Destinations wedding in Jaipur will leave you mesmerized. At Rudra Vilas, our endeavor is to make our guests comfortable and relaxed so that they enjoy the event. Once the guests are with us take care of everything possible right from traditions and ceremonies to delicious food. To add on to the Royal Extravaganza Wedding, DJ Sound and cocktails can also be a made a part of it. " "Darbar" the banquet hall is the ideal venue for wedding, with a capacity of approx 300 persons, Equipped with the state of the art modern amenities for make your event more lively. 

Marriage Garden & Banquet Hall

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  • Magnificent Lawn
  • Royal Banquet Hall
  • Mandap Hall
  • Haldi & Mehndi Hall

Featured Amenities on-Site


Free & Unlimited Wifi

24x7 High Speed Internet is available 

Swimming Pool

Under Maintenance

Laundry Service

Available on Demand.

Airport Pick Up & Drop

Available on Demand.



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